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Passwords are real security threat. Over 70 % of hacking breach of online accounts and portal are due to using low quality passwords. hackers can easily access your account if you give password that are easy to read and easy to guess. 

Using a hard, 8 characters strong password is the first step to make sure your account is secured. Making your passwords different from one another also helps guarding your accounts for sure. Simply password generator can generate from 1-50 characters and also has a lot of features. 

The best password tips from the pros:

  1. Always use an unique password for each account you create. The danger of reusing the password is that if any of your password get leaked it will be easy for hackers to to try to use the same combination like username and password on other website. 
  2. Don’t use any personal identification number in your password. sometimes people use their birthday year in their password combination which is  a big security flaw in their online security. Name, Birthday,Birthyear, street name or address are easy to guess for hackers if they know the target for quite sometime. Also they are easily found online and should always be avoided. 
  3. Make sure your passwords are at leat 12 characters long and contains letters, numbers, special characters, Some people prefer to generate passwords which are 14 or 20 characters long. 
  4. If you are creating master password then try using phrases, lyrics from your favorite movies or songs. Just add random numbers but dont use them in a respective manner.
  5. Avoid common, weak used passwords like qwerty12345, abc123456789, 123456, asdf123
  6. Never share your passwords via email, or social media.   

Can my password be hacked using Brute force attack?

To check the strength of your passwords and know whether they’re inside the popular rainbow tables, you can convert your passwords to MD5 hashes on a MD5 hash generator, then decrypt your passwords by submitting these hashes to an online MD5 decryption service. For instance, your password is “0123456789A”, using the brute-force method, it may take a computer almost one year to crack your password, but if you decrypt it by submitting its MD5 hash( C8E7279CD035B23BB9C0F1F954DFF5B3 ) to a MD5 decryption website, how long will it take to crack it? You can perform the test yourself.

Do we store any password: do not store, copy or imprint any data from the software. The frontend is not connected to any database. Also all the passwords are generated randomly. We do not store any data nor we track any users that visit or website. 

How to properly secure your password:

  1. It’s recommended  that you change your password every 4 weeks
  2. Turn on 2- step authentication
  3. Do not store any critical password in the cloud
  4. Before visiting your bank’s website make sure not to use any Zoom/Skype/Teamviewer website
  5. Do not share your financial information with anyone. Not even if someone claims they are from your bank.
  6. Keep the operating systems( e.g. Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux ) and Web browsers( e.g. FireFox, Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge ) of your devices( e.g. Windows PC, Mac PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet ) up-to-date by installing the latest security update.
  7.  Encrypt the entire hard drive with LUKS or similar tools before putting important files on it, and destroy the hard drive of your old devices physically if it’s necessary.
  8. Do not click the link in an email or SMS message, do not reset your passwords by clicking them, except that you know these messages are not fake.
  9.  Use at least 3 different email addresses, use the first one to receive emails from important sites and Apps, such as Paypal and Amazon, use the second one to receive emails from unimportant sites and Apps, use the third one( from a different email provider, such as Outlook and GMail ) to receive your password-reset email when the first one( e.g. Yahoo Mail ) is hacked.
  10. Distrust and remove bad SSL certificates from your Web browser, otherwise you will NOT be able to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the HTTPS connections which use these certificates. 

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