What is password and how to create simple secure password

What is password
Password is a combination of number, letter, and symbol which is used to verify the user during authentication time. Usually, a password used related with the username. this known only for the user and give the permission that user to gain access to a computer, software or website. Length varies on Passwords and A password contains letters, numbers and special characters. Another term that when used passphrase is interchangeably the password uses more than one word. when the password uses only numbers instead of a mix of characters is called passcode and passkey, such as a personal identification number.

Creating a secure password
Many companies set their password policies for employees. so that they can create strong passwords and use for their login credentials. What are the best practices for password requirements include:
Make your password minimum length of eight characters. In the maximum length of 16 to 64 characters or possibly even higher;
In the password must use of both lowercase and uppercase letters with case sensitivity;
At least one number used in your password
At least one special character must use.
Don’t use any obvious personal information like your birthdates, names of children, or favourite Tv star, your lover name. This should not be part of a password, on the other hand, any phrase or words that are on a password blacklist.
Password blacklists are lists of passwords which are cracked easily. This kind of passwords is not secure to use anywhere. Common use word phrase blacklists included like “123456,” “password,” “Facebook” “football,” “qwerty” and so on.
The policies of Strong password also cover a time limit for user passwords. This means that after a certain period passwords will expire such as sixty or nineteen days – and prevent the reuse of the same password users will be forced to recreate their password. In this policy also force to the user or encourage the user to create a different password that is different from any other they have used in the last 7 to 10 months.

Users often forget strong passwords but this is ideal, for that reason, the password recovery process might vary depending upon login to software, website or computer. In this time you need to answering security questions which you give for you security reason, confirming emails asking if users want to recreate their passcode, or entering numbers security codes sent via SMS to a mobile phone to authenticate.

In the last, you must use your password safe. And always use strong password. If you have no idea how to make strong password so you can use a random password generator. It can help you to get strong passwords.

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