how to make a memorable secure password

The first thing is find a unique password that’s easy for you to remember what was it but for other people hard to find. From your base password you can use real and reliable words, but follow our steps to change it later.
We give you some creative ideas for unforgettable base passwords. Try to find one that help you incorporate the service name as well, for that reason every account different form another.
1. From the Dictionary Choose Random Words
If you choose a random word From any language dictionary then it is the best way to make up a secure base password. It is harder for other people to guess which random words are password. At first open a dictionary at multiple pages and organized the few eye-catching words.
I organized the few eye-catching words to come up with this password:
I can change one of the words with the service I’m signing in to:
2. Make a password From a Song
You can use a line from a poem or song which one you like most. But try to find something that’s infamous and not known by all. If you think to use latest Selena Gomez song it a bad idea. For example
Similarly, you could use a line from a nursery or play group student rhyme or a well-known saying.
In the below I give you a song line
If I want to make a creative password for Facebook, I could use:
3. From Your Favorite Book Use a Line
That is another creative and memorable password create method. In the previous I say that warning, don’t make this a famous line. At first take your favorite book and open a page, from that page select any phrase.or line. You can highlight this line that easy to find again in the future.
You must use the page or line number also to your password as well.
We AcceptTheLove67
Adding a service name in there, it becomes: We accept the love
We AcceptTheLoveNetflix67
4. Play With The Vowels
In your base password you remove the vowels, Instead, why not erase every other vowel, Replace vowels to the end of the word, like every a with an e?
I show an example for you that is base password:
Now I’ll move all the vowels to the end of each word to transform it:
5. Shorten Each Password
If you have a base password, From each word remove the first three letters. I have another creative ideas removing every first and last letters, or only using the first letter from each word in your secrete password.
Iusing the same password I use in the last method:
I can remove the first three letters from each word to create: I tell you 5 tips about the how to make memorable and creative password. This blog help you to make strong and memorable password. But If you want to make more strong password for our website is the right place for you.

I tell you 5 tips about the how to make memorable and creative password. This blog help you to make strong and memorable password. But If you want to make more strong password for our website is the right place for you

What is password and how to create simple secure password

What is password
Password is a combination of number, letter, and symbol which is used to verify the user during authentication time. Usually, a password used related with the username. this known only for the user and give the permission that user to gain access to a computer, software or website. Length varies on Passwords and A password contains letters, numbers and special characters. Another term that when used passphrase is interchangeably the password uses more than one word. when the password uses only numbers instead of a mix of characters is called passcode and passkey, such as a personal identification number.

Creating a secure password
Many companies set their password policies for employees. so that they can create strong passwords and use for their login credentials. What are the best practices for password requirements include:
Make your password minimum length of eight characters. In the maximum length of 16 to 64 characters or possibly even higher;
In the password must use of both lowercase and uppercase letters with case sensitivity;
At least one number used in your password
At least one special character must use.
Don’t use any obvious personal information like your birthdates, names of children, or favourite Tv star, your lover name. This should not be part of a password, on the other hand, any phrase or words that are on a password blacklist.
Password blacklists are lists of passwords which are cracked easily. This kind of passwords is not secure to use anywhere. Common use word phrase blacklists included like “123456,” “password,” “Facebook” “football,” “qwerty” and so on.
The policies of Strong password also cover a time limit for user passwords. This means that after a certain period passwords will expire such as sixty or nineteen days – and prevent the reuse of the same password users will be forced to recreate their password. In this policy also force to the user or encourage the user to create a different password that is different from any other they have used in the last 7 to 10 months.

Users often forget strong passwords but this is ideal, for that reason, the password recovery process might vary depending upon login to software, website or computer. In this time you need to answering security questions which you give for you security reason, confirming emails asking if users want to recreate their passcode, or entering numbers security codes sent via SMS to a mobile phone to authenticate.

In the last, you must use your password safe. And always use strong password. If you have no idea how to make strong password so you can use a random password generator. It can help you to get strong passwords.

Why you should use a strong password

At present Everyone use internet but many people still have no idea or lessons about securing their online passwords. If you underestimate the password security you could put you at great risk. Advance security take the place but most of the people also use and like uncrackable and unique passwords. It still play vital role in protecting our digital harm. Hacker use some common processes for cyber-attack or hacking, crack passwords. Most of the folk make their account easy and repeated passwords, for this reason, they vulnerable their account.
At present Internet security is getting strong too but As a online user its very important to know about your part. You should secure your password like your home keys. Moreover, strong password security is not a difficult task its easy.
To safe your data and information by get strong uncrackable password. If you want to know how to make strong password you need to follow these tips and tricks. Read the full blog and follow the steps.
Create A Long Password
hacker use numbers of way to get your account. In the first period the normally use a way that is they target a user and manually input name, letter, numbers and also symbols to guess your password. Now I am tell you the advance technique used by hackers to crack your password is called “brute force attack”. This attack method is a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols run through a program and this program as fast as possible to guess your password. For this reason, long password is more secure. If you want to strong your password and also it is difficult to know hacker, you make sure your passwords at least 16 to 18 characters. If you want to make long strong random password you can use this site
:Don’t use Personal Information
obvious personal details don’t use on your passwords it’s easier to guess. So consciously don’t use your personal details like anniversary, birthday first and last name, city’s name, pet’s name etc. that is help the hacker to know your password and you getting fall in risk yourself by own.
Don’t Share Your Password
Don’t share your password, Sharing passwords is an open invitation for cybercriminals to get your account. If you think I only share my passwords with my friends and Spouse, what will happen, no that is a big mistake here hacker keep their eye you don’t know so alert don’t share. save on browser and sticky note, Save it on your Safe place don’t share keep it safe.